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Explore all of JPS's Kindergarten Options

Jenison Public Schools is proud to offer five unique learning environments for 5-yr-olds (as of December 1) to begin their education journey. Using whole group and small group instruction, we tailor teaching to meet each student’s needs. Our goal is that every student’s first experience as a Wildcat is one that grows confidence and a joy of learning. 

Kindergarten Screening
All students must complete Kindergarten Screening to attend any Kindergarten program.

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JPS Kindergarten Options
  • Transitional Kindergarten
  • Traditional Kindergarten
  • Outdoor Kindergarten (Wilderness Academy)
  • Spanish Immersion Kindergarten
  • Jenison Innovation Academy Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten
Kid's First Elementary & Early Childhood Center

Transitional kindergarten (TK) is a program designed to bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten for children who turn five years old later in the academic year or for parents who don't feel like their child is ready for traditional kindergarten. It provides an additional year of schooling to help younger children develop the social, emotional, and academic skills needed for success in kindergarten and beyond. TK often focuses on activities that promote early literacy, numeracy, social interaction, and school readiness, preparing children for a smoother transition into the formal education system.

Traditional Kindergarten
All JPS neighborhood elementaries

Traditional Kindergarten prioritizes foundational academic skills, employing both whole and small group settings to teach phonics, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Offered at all neighborhood elementary schools, Traditional Kindergarten maintains a 1:26 teacher-to-student ratio. Students focus on mastering letters and sounds, phonemic awareness, concepts of print, sight words, and early story-making skills in literacy, while in math, they concentrate on 1:1 correspondence, counting to 100, and developing a strong number sense. The curriculum also emphasizes cultivating good work habits, problem-solving abilities, social skills, and character development through the Wildcat Way.

Outdoor Kindergarten (Wilderness Academy)
Kid's First Elementary & Early Childhood Center

Outdoor Kindergarten centers around teaching students how to interact with the world around them, solve complex problems, explore the basics of leadership and service, and discover the joy of learning in a completely new way. Students spend most of their time in outdoor, nature-based learning on and around the JPS Kid's First campus, Ottawa County Parks, and neighboring partner sites. Our Wilderness Academy is in high demand, and an application is required to be considered.

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Spanish Immersion Kindergarten
El Puente Elementary

Spanish Immersion Kindergarten is designed to fully immerse students in a multicultural learning experience. English-speaking students follow the same proven JPS curriculum through instruction taught entirely in Spanish. Classes are led by teachers and assistants fluent in Spanish in a 2:28 teacher-to-student setting. Our Spanish Immersion program is in high demand, and an application is required to be considered.

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Jenison Innovation Academy Kindergarten
Jenison Innovation Academy

Students explore a mastery-based digital curriculum taught and supported by Jenison teachers. Unlike other online schools, Jenison Innovation Academy (JIA) has been around for over a decade and is rooted in a school district trusted by thousands of students. With access to in-person activities, such as music, art, recess, and more, JIA students get the flexibility and versatility of at-home education without sacrificing community and enrichment. All JIA students are provided with a personalized academic plan with regular informal assessments to support their individual learning.

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