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Teaching & Learning

At Jenison Public Schools we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all students—socially, emotionally, and academically. For student success, we provide comprehensive support that fosters strong partnerships between home and school. Teaching and learning at Jenison are built on a foundation of established academic standards, essential practices, proven methodologies, and the Wildcat Way. Our staff works together to unlock student potential and the joy of learning. 

At Jenison Public Schools,

WE BELIEVE in building positive and productive relationships with colleagues, students, and families.
WE BELIEVE that high expectations promote student success academically, socially, and emotionally.
WE BELIEVE in creating classroom spaces that promote a safe, comfortable, and productive learning environment.
WE BELIEVE in working collaboratively with collective ownership of all students. 
WE BELIEVE that access to a strong curriculum, taught with fidelity and focused on essential standards, leads to student success. 
WE BELIEVE that through collaboration, reflection, and review of data, teachers can make informed decisions to positively influence student outcomes. 
WE BELIEVE that all students can learn through a variety of instructional strategies and supports that meet the needs of every student.
WE BELIEVE in providing strategies for students to engage in the classroom by setting clear behavioral and learning expectations. 
WE BELIEVE in continued education, training, and support for all staff. 
WE BELIEVE in a strong tradition of excellence and service through the Wildcat Way—trust, honesty, integrity, empathy, respect, and responsibility.
Children's author reading story book to kidsFOUNDATIONAL LEARNING
It is important that Jenison students learn foundational skills that set them up for success throughout their K-12 experience. These skills equip students to thrive in more rigorous courses and elective opportunities and prepare them to lead in their next steps. All core learning meets Jenison's values and standards of excellence. Throughout a student's education, we focus on building a culture of literacy and believe “Readers are Leaders”.


Pie chart showing Need, Evidence, Fit, Usability, Capacity, and Supports.
Using data-driven and team-based decision-making processes, curriculum is developed and assessed to ensure it meets Jenison students where they are at. Proven instructional tools, such as the Hexagon Discussion and Analysis Tool, are incorporated into the process to provide a deeper evaluation of new and existing programs and practices.


Beyond the core curriculum, Jenison is a place for all students to discover something new, expand their horizons, and explore unique opportunities to learn. These include:
  • Jenison Innovation Academy
  • Extensive offering of AP Courses
  • Fine Arts (award winning Band, Orchestra, Choir, Performing Arts)
  • Spanish Immersion
  • Cat Tracks Outdoor Programming
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • Digital Citizenship
  • University Partnerships
  • Robotics
  • Woodshop/Home Construction
These are just a few of the additional learning opportunities available to Jenison students. Connect with us to learn more about all of the ways your student can get involved and grow in their education.
Learning isn't just for students at JPS. We invest in our people, and that includes supporting, training, and educating our teachers to ensure continued excellence in learning. 
  • Capturing Kids' Hearts
  • Whole Brain Teaching
  • 3-Year Teacher Mentor Program
  • Dedicated Teacher Coaches 


Students seeking more challenging educational programming can explore Jenison's ACT program. Designed to support students with unique cognitive abilities and needs, our ACT program provides optimal learning content structured to match each student's abilities and achievement levels. Click below to explore each program.


At JPS, we believe in developing a community of readers and a desire for life-long learning.  Our mission is to provide students with a variety of texts. 
We strive to provide texts that: 
  • Support and are consistent with required general standards. 
  • Are appropriate for the emotional and social development, ability level and learning styles of students. 
  • Support a balanced approach to topics that include representations of various points of view. 
We believe it is important that students choose books that they want to read that matches their interest, values, and reading levels. At JPS, we strive to partner with families around reading and literacy. If you would like to receive the form to complete to restrict your child's access to specific book titles from the school library, please fill out this form.

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