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Technology Protection Plan

JPS has an optional, but highly recommended, Technology Protection Plan available for purchase to cover damage or replacement of technology for students who are taking devices home. 

1. Technology Protection Plan Guidelines: This plan is available for $35 per student for the school year. Additional coverage for sibling(s) is $10 each. 
  • This plan covers up to 3 accidental damages for the school year (August to August) including broken screens, keys, keyboards, trackpads, and chargers. 
  • Upon the 4th accidental damage, parents/guardians will be invoiced for the cost of repair (parts and labor). 
  • This plan will cover the replacement of a lost charger, once per school year. 
  • In the event that the device is stolen or intentionally damaged by others, a police report is recommended. 
  • This plan does not cover devices that are lost or damaged due to intentional abuse or misuse.  You will be invoiced for the replacement cost of the device. 
  • Damaged or lost carrying cases are not covered. Parents/guardians can purchase a replacement case.  The average cost of a new case on Amazon is $15.00.
2. Technology Protection Plan Decline: If you decline to purchase this plan, the following financial responsibilities apply: 
  • The replacement cost for the device can be up to $350. 
  • If a device is lost, stolen, or damaged, please notify the school immediately by the next school day. A police report is recommended if stolen, as it is your responsibility to pay the replacement cost. 
  • Damages: Jenison will repair a damaged device; for each incident, you are responsible for paying the cost of repair (parts and labor).  The average invoice cost is $70.00 for a repair. 
  • Failure to pay the repair within 30 days of invoice, will result in repossession of the device. 
  • Multiple repairs in the same school year may result in the repossession of the device. 
Enrollment for this plan opens on August 1 and ends on September 15, 2023.  After enrollment is closed, students are not eligible to purchase this plan, and parents/guardians are liable for the cost of all repairs.  New students who start after the school year begins have 14 days from their first day of school to purchase this plan. Please see the different payment options below: 

*You can purchase this plan at your student's school orientation via cash, check, or credit. 

1) Cash - Submit to the school building secretary with a note that it is for the "Technology Protection Plan" with your student's name attached. We advise not putting cash in the postal mail. 

(2) Check - Make checks payable to Jenison Public Schools. Submit to the school building secretary with your student's name and "Technology Protection Plan" on the memo line of your check. Do NOT send through Bill Pay.  You can mail check payments to: 
Jenison Public Schools 
Attn: Tech Department 
2140 Bauer Rd. 
Jenison, MI 49428 

(3) Credit Card - Pay online by registering/logging into PaySchools.  If you have never registered for an account on PaySchools, you will need to know your student's ID #.  

*The Technology Protection Plan can be found under "Technology Fees" in your student's account.  If you have multiple students, please click on the correct fee for each student you have.  Do not add two Tech fees under one student account.  For example, on John's account, you select the $35.00 Technology Protection Plan and on Jane's account, you select the $10.00 Sibling Technology Protection Plan.  When you are at the "Cart", you will see two students listed with a fee under each name.  See an example below:
PaySchools Example Cart For Multiple Students

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