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International Enrollment

International Enrollment

Jenison Public Schools has a rich and diverse history of welcoming international students over the past 30 years to Jenison High School.  Through partnering agencies, international students are provided a Jenison-sponsored study visa and supported by an International Coordinator throughout their tenure at Jenison.

We are excited you are considering attending Jenison High School, and would like to welcome you with excitement and encouragement. We place value on learning cultural differences to help expand our global thinking and perspective. We are proud that many of our international students have successfully moved on to prestigious universities.

Our goal is to provide flexibility and options to ensure success specific to each student’s goals. We are happy to review individual profiles and educational history to assess the best plan for each individual.

Enrollment Options

International graduates will receive a Seal of Biliteracy Award from the Michigan Department of Education. This honorary award is designated to recognize graduates who have attained proficiency in English and one or more languages. The award is designed to provide universities and future employers to identify candidates that will benefit the labor market and global society.

Grade 9 or 10
Completed online through Jenison Innovation Academy (JIA), from anywhere in the world. This option saves money on travel and visa fees, while providing progress towards graduating from an American High School.

Grades 10 - 12
Students can apply for an F-1 student visa to attend Jenison High School face-to-face.*

Grade 10 students will take the PSAT in preparation for the SAT college assessment.

Grade 11 students take the SAT in preparation for university applications, and are eligible for extra accommodations.**

Grade 12 students will need to provide transcripts to ensure graduation requirements can be met prior to enrollment.

*Due to government regulations F-1 students can enroll on-site for a maximum of one year at a secondary public school.

**SAT accommodations include 50% more time, translated instructions and an approved word-to-word glossary in the students native language. English Language Learner accommodations are available when applied for and the test is taken at the High School.

International Student Services

“As a Chinese student I did not have experience with the American school system... Fortunately, there was the International department that was always there to help me and answer my questions.”
Amy Zhang (University of Indiana Bloomington)

Acting as a bridge for international students, JIA assists with the enrollment process to Jenison High School.  In doing so, JIA provides the following services:

  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Online Learning opportunities
  • Prepare Documentation for the Required Visa Process through U.S. Immigration and Homeland Security
  • Enrollment Process to JHS, including English Assessment, Skype Interview, and all Required Enrollment Documents
  • Support for Host-Family Placement through each Partnering Agency
  • International Student Orientation
  • Weekly Academic Monitoring and Planning
  • School Support and Cultural Meetings
  • College Preparation, Application Assistance and Sevis Transfer
  • Michigan Seal of Biliteracy Certification for International Graduates

Our Community

“Being a Jenison International student [was a] very unforgettable experience. It promoted my personal growth not only academically but also mentally. It paved a good road for my future life in university."
Maggie (University of California, Berkeley)

“My studying experience in Jenison helped me to expand on my extracurricular interests while maintaining a strong academic standing.”
Charlie (Carnegie Mellon)

Jenison is a suburb of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan, but offers safety, affordability, and a small town feel. Grand Rapids has been ranked “#1 best city to raise a family” by Forbes, and in the top 23 for best, safest and most affordable place to live, by U.S. News and World Report.

Host families will open their homes to support a successful transition to a new culture and our education system. The international department at JIA will work to provide opportunities for continued learning and growth.

International students are encouraged to participate in any of the extracurricular offerings such as the Multicultural, E-Sports, Engineering or Thespian clubs. Jenison also offers both tryout and non-tryout based athletic programs like soccer, cross-country, and swimming.

Students must be represented by an agency in order to attend face-to-face classes. We currently work with the following Partners.**

Rotman Educational Technology Group
Hola Universal Studies Abroad
Student Management Group
**If you are interested in becoming an agency partner, please contact us at [email protected].

International Student Application Process

International students interested in applying to Jenison must be represented by an approved agency. Completed applications received by May 1 will be given priority for the upcoming academic year. Students interested in a January start should have applications submitted by November 1.

Application Checklist
  • General Student Application
  • Official school transcript, translated into English
  • Recommendation Form from English Teacher
  • JPS Medical Release Form
  • Immunization Documents & Health Assessment
  • Notarized Parent Agreement
  • Custodian/Sponsorship Form
  • Skype Interview with International Coordinator

Please use the below helpful government resources for students planning to study in the United States:

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