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JPS Strategic Vision

In the fall of 2021, Dr. Brandon Graham and district leadership began the work to establish a five-year strategic vision outlining the future direction of Jenison Public Schools. This comprehensive plan aims to elevate student achievement, inspire community connection, and unlock leadership potential. 

We gathered over 10,000 write-in responses of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges through SWOT analyses at each building, surveys of staff, students, parents, and community members, and feedback from district committees. Five key focus areas emerged after analyzing, reviewing, and categorizing the thousands of inputs. These five areas encompass the voice of our school community and set the vision of our district’s priorities


Over the past year and a half, we have worked internally with our staff to build sustainable goals and strategies to accomplish our five-year vision objectives. Having continued staff input and voice in this process is critical, so we created staff leadership teams to guide the five focus areas and establish action items across the district to grow engagement and momentum.

Our goal is to provide updates throughout the year to our parents and community members on how the strategic vision is taking shape, how it impacts students and staff, and opportunities to get involved in the process.




Intentional and consistent character and behavior expectations throughout buildings
Develop Profile of a Wildcat for Students, Staff, Administration, Parents
Explore how to incorporate Wildcat Way into everyday life & education to be more than just words


Continue implementation of PLCs, PBIS, and Systems of Collaboration initiatives across the district
Develop a comprehensive curriculum and student support roadmap to align goals and workload


Develop comprehensive future leaders program to grow internal leadership
Revamp new teacher training, staff development, and mentor programs
Explore additional mental health resources and common calendars to balance workloads


Focus on growing parent engagement first then expand to connecting organizations & external groups
Create more experiences for parents to be involved & connected to their school & JPS
Evaluate ways to enhance open houses or parent nights to help share opportunities for engagement


Embark on facility needs assessment with experts who can develop future planning concepts
Actively expanding cyber and physical security plans to meet needs of the district

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