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Before/After School Registration

2021-2022 BASC Contract

Attached below is the 20/21 BASC registration contract. Here are a few things to make sure you include:

$50 registration fee per family must be with a completed contract per child
Please indicate if you are using a Tuition Express on file or attaching one in your email.
Cash or Check (payable to JPS) can be dropped in our drop box if you do not choose the Tuition Express option. (note: your spot is not secure until a registration fee is submitted).
If you are enrolling your preschooler in BASC, they need to be 4 years old to attend.

You will be receiving a confirmation email if you have a spot. Further COVID related communication will be sent when it becomes available.

BASC 2021-2022 Contract

BASC Registration Information

Information is attached regarding the BASC program. Registration paperwork is available. Spaces are limited.

Forms need to be completed each school year. If you have more than one child, please fill out a child information record for each child.
Enrollment may take 24-48 hours to process. You will be receiving a confirmation email notifying you of your placement.

The enrollment fee is per family not per child.
Previous outstanding balances need to be paid before enrollment.

Please email with any questions.

2021-2022 BASC Information PDF
20-21 BASC Registration Contract PDF
Tuition Express Form PDF



  • Bauerwood
  • Bursley
  • Early Childhood Center (Kids First)
  • El Puente (Kids First)
  • Pinewood
  • Rosewood
  • Sandy Hill

Payment Options

Tuition Express Form PDF

Tuition Express is a payment processing system that allows secure, on-time tuition and fee payments to be made from either your bank account or credit card. Forms can be submitted to the ECC.

We accept cash and checks (payable to JPS) options. We have a locked drop box located outside the ECC building, available 24/7. 2950 Baldwin St. Hudsonville, MI 49426.

BASC Supervisors

Aguilera, Alexandra
Foreign Language Teacher
Alejos, Alvesa
Preschool Assistant
Alexander, Smith
Intervention Specialist
Alferink, Randi
Intervention Specialist / Spanish Teacher
Algra, Sharon
Bus Driver
Allan, Natasha
4th Grade Teacher
Allen, Andrea
English Language Arts Teacher
Alley, Deborah
Allred, Juliana
Alverson, Amanda
Assistant Principal
Alverson, Linda
Anderson, Ingrid
1st Grade Teacher
Anderson, Jodie
Bus Driver
Anderson, Samantha
6th Grade Teacher
Aniszko, Kady
EI Para
Arnold, Taylor
TK ASD Teacher
Ashcraft, Joslyn
Marketing & Support Manager
Baab, Stephen
Baar, Brenda
Bus Driver
Baar, Christine
Special Education Teacher
Baar, Julie
EI Para
Baine, Myra
Kindergarten Teacher
Baker V, John
Bus Driver
Banta, Kristi
Administrative Assistant
Barbachyn, David
2nd Grade Teacher
Barbachyn, Karen
Kindergarten Teacher
Barrett, Gwen
Bus Driver
Bartle, Rebekkah
School Counselor
Bassler, Trisha
Beach, Alex
Technology Specialist
Beachum, Zach
Physical Education Teacher
Beebe, Colleen
Belknap, Myca
4th Grade Teacher
Bennink, Brian
JCA Director
Berens, Kathie
5th Grade Teacher
Berens, Nicholas
Physical Education Teacher
Bermejo-Sebastian, Mayra
1st Grade Teacher
Betts, Erika
Social Worker
Betts, Kevin
5th Grade Teacher
Beute, Becky
5th Grade Teacher
Blake, Melissa
Instructional Designer
Blakemore, Diane
Technology Specialist
Blanton, Josh
Deputy Sheriff
Boersma, Aaron
Special Education Teacher
Boeskool, Troy
Bus Driver
Boggs, Kevin
Bolt, Kelly
2nd Grade Teacher
Bontomasi, Bridget
Preschool Teacher
Borst, Gretchen
English Teacher
Bosch, Brandon
Physical Education Teacher
Bowen, Caitlin
Occupational Therapist Assistant
Bowman, Terri
Braginton, Matthew
TK Teacher
Braginton, Tami
Science Teacher