Online Courses

Students may participate in optional learning experiences within an online course through JIA established community partnerships.  For more information, students and parents may contact the Homeschool Partnership Coordinator.

Online Courses with Community Partner Opportunities
Elementary Music
Middle School Music
High School Music

Onsite Courses
Band, Choir, and Orchestra are available onsite at Jenison Public Schools.

Online Courses
Elementary Technology+
Middle School Technology
Web Design
Creative Computing
Introduction to Engineering
Principles of Engineering (Blended)
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Blended)

Online Courses with Community Partner Opportunities
Technology & Safety Applications (Optional Learning Experience: Drivers Training)

+There is a bi-weekly one hour session to reinforce problem solving strategies through face-to-face STEM activities.

Online Courses
High School Spanish 1
High School Spanish 2

Additional languages options for students in grades 7-12 are offered through Michigan Virtual University (MVU).

Additional Online Courses
Additional elective courses are available through MVU (Michigan Virtual) for high school students.

College Dual Enrollment
Students may participate in college dual enrollment at any eligible postsecondary institution that complies with the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act.  For students to be eligible for Dual Enrollment opportunities, they must achieve qualifying scores on Dual Enrollment Readiness Assessments.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional information regarding Dual Enrollment.