Exchange Programs

Student & Teacher Exchange Programs

For all grade levels, Jenison has multiple international school partnerships.  JIA facilitates communication between schools, working together to plan a successful exchange experience for both students and teachers, primarily with our Chinese counterparts.

Whether in the summer or winter seasons, exchanges take place for a period of time lasting anywhere from two (2) to three (3) weeks in length.  JIA facilitates all that is required for hosting students for summer and winter "camps," providing weeks of instruction and experience unique to West Michigan.  Jenison students also have the opportunity to represent their school as ambassadors in countries such as China and South Korea.

Teachers participate regularly within exchanges including Jenison teachers visiting partner schools around the world in places like China and Scotland or international teachers spending time in Jenison.  During this time, teachers and staff participate in professional development within a learning lab experience.

JIA promotes global educational experiences within the Jenison Public School district, assisting and supporting staff and students in Jenison and all over the world.