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Why Should My Child Learn a Second Language Early?

“In addition to developing a lifelong ability to communicate with people from other countries and backgrounds, other benefits are include improved overall school performance and superior problem-solving skills.”

Bamford, K.W., & Mizokawa, D.T. (1991) Additive-Billingual (immersion) education. Cognitive and language development, Language Learning, 41, 413-429.

“Research has shown that, “the effect of learning a second language on first-language skills has been positive in all studies done….(and) the loss of instructional time in English has never been shown to have negative effects on the achievement of the first language.”

Bournot – Trites, M. & Tellowitz. U. (2002). Report of Current Research on the Effects of Second Language Learning on First Language Literacy Skills; Halifax, Nova Scotia: Atlantic Provinces Educational Foundation.

“Recent brain research indicates that learning a second language is a powerful experience that helps the brain of a young children develop. The young brain will actually grow the connections needed to learn the language.”

Dumas, L.S. (1999). Learning a Second Language: Exposing Your Child to a New World of Words Boosts Her Brainpower, Vocabulary, and Self-Esteem/ Child February, 72, 74, 76-77.

“Bilinguals demonstrate more mental flexibility and perform better on task requiring mental manipulation. They are original in verbal expression, demonstrate non-verbal intelligence and can answer open-ended questions more freely than monolinguals (Lazaruk, in press).”

Lazaruk, W. (in press) Linguistic, Academic and Cognitive Benefits of French Immersion. Canadian Modern Language Review.

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