JASPER - Jenison After School Program for Educational Response is a voluntary opportunity that students can choose to take advantage of for 1 hour after school Monday - Thursday in the Junior High School Media Center to quietly work on school work.  Junior High teachers are available to help students with questions they have on their school work.

Stop #                     Stop Location                                                         Approx. Time

1                                 Baldwin St. and Park Lane                                   4:15pm

2                                 Kids First - Bus Loop                                            4:18pm

3                                 Rosewood Reformed Church                             4:23pm

4                                 Rosewood St. & Sunset Ave                                4:25pm

5                                 Jenison Bible Church  (14th & 44th)                  4:28pm

6                                 Port Sheldon St. & 8th Ave                                  4:30pm

7                                 Brookmeadow Apts. & 44th St. SW                   4:34pm

8                                 Trinity Christian Reformed Church                    4:38pm

9                                 Walnut Ave. & Miede St                                        4:40pm

10                              Cottonwood Forest Apartments                          4:42pm

11                              Wallin Dr. & Cottonwood Dr.                                4:44pm

12                              Amanda Dr. & Joshua Dr.                                     4:47pm

13                              Bauer Rd. & Briarwood                                         4:48pm