JASPER - Jenison After School Program for Educational Response is a voluntary opportunity that students can choose to take advantage of for 1 hour after school Monday - Thursday in the Junior and Senior High Media Centers to quietly work on school work.  Teachers are available to help students with questions they have on their school work.

Stop #                     Stop Location                                                         Approx. Time

1                                 Baldwin St. and Park Lane                                   4:15pm

2                                 Kids First - Bus Loop                                            4:18pm

3                                 Rosewood Reformed Church                             4:23pm

4                                 Rosewood St. & Sunset Ave                                4:25pm

5                                 Jenison Bible Church  (14th & 44th)                  4:28pm

6                                 Port Sheldon St. & 8th Ave                                  4:30pm

7                                 Brookmeadow Apts. & 44th St. SW                   4:34pm

8                                 Trinity Christian Reformed Church                    4:38pm

9                                 Walnut Ave. & Miede St                                        4:40pm

10                              Cottonwood Forest Apartments                          4:42pm

11                              Wallin Dr. & Cottonwood Dr.                                4:44pm

12                              Amanda Dr. & Joshua Dr.                                     4:47pm

13                              Bauer Rd. & Briarwood                                         4:48pm