Bus Rider Rules and Expectations

Please take the time to review the bus rider rules and expectations with your student riders! 

Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right. No law mandates transportation to be provided for regular education students.  It is a service that Jenison Public Schools gladly provides to enhance convenience of education for students and parents. What we ask in return is that students conduct themselves in a manner which follows our bus rider rules and expectations; supporting the safety and due respect of others.

1. Expected Behaviors at Bus Stops: 

  1. Parents/guardians are responsible for the student’s safety to and from the bus stop.  In the event that bus service is delayed, parents/guardians should be prepared to assume responsibility for the student’s welfare until the bus arrives.
  2. Students need to arrive at their bus stop at least 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up times.  If the student is not out and visible at the stop on time, the bus driver will continue on the route.  The bus driver will not return for a student who is not at the bus stop on time.  The parent/guardian is responsible for providing alternative transportation in these cases.
  3. As students wait for the bus – they must respect others property. They are not to walk or cut through yards and not be near the house where the stop is located.   If students create issues at the bus stop location – Transportation Services has the right to remove them from that bus stop. 
  4. Students are not to approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop and the driver signals them to board the bus.  Students must stay out of the school bus “Danger Zone”.  The “Danger Zone” is the area 10 feet around ALL sides of the bus.
  5. If a student needs to cross the street to get picked up or dropped off, obey the driver’s paddy and cross 10 feet in front of the bus.  Always cross in front of the bus, NEVER behind the bus.
  6. If a student drops something when exiting the bus, NEVER go back near the bus to get it.  Tell the bus driver and wait until they signal that all is safe.

2. Expected Bus Behaviors:

  1. Students must remain seated and out of the aisle at ALL times
  2. Students are to use inside voices on the bus
  3. Students need to listen and respect the instructions of the bus driver
  4. Students are to treat all other students on the bus with respect
  5. Students are to keep ahold of their personal property while on the bus
  6. Students are to keep head and arms in the bus at all time
  7. The bus driver can assign seats at any time as they deem necessary

3. Prohibited Bus Behaviors:

  1. Bullying, profanity, loud noises/conversations and verbal abuse to anyone on the bus
  2. Not staying seated, changing seats while bus is moving and being out in the aisle
  3. Disturbing and/or touching other students/passengers
  4. Littering on the bus
  5. Using emergency door when there is no emergency
  6. Eating and/or drinking on the bus.  Parents/guardians of students that have medical conditions that require him/her to eat during the bus ride must contact the Transportation department
  7. Damaging the bus in anyway (including puncturing/tearing/writing on the seats) – parents/guardians will be monetarily responsible for any damage done to a bus
  8. Throwing objects inside and/or outside the bus
  9. Hanging body parts out the bus windows (arms, head, etc.)
  10. Physical aggressiveness and property destruction at bus stops (parents/guardians will be monetarily responsible for any damage done to the bus stop property)
  11. Fighting/pushing/tripping at bus stops or on bus

4. Prohibited Items (items that cannot be brought onto a bus):

Objects which obstruct the aisle, exits, or may cause a safety concerns to other students

  1. Skateboards, sleds, hockey sticks, bats
    1. Possession of any of these items by a student is cause for immediate removal from the bus:
      1. Tobacco, drugs, vaping or alcohol products
      2. Weapons or explosive articles, including but not limited to chains, knives, razor blades, flammable materials, guns or other threatening items
        1. Glass containers or other glass items
        2. Live animals with the exception of canine assistants for the impaired.
        3. The bus driver has the right to tell a student that they can no longer bring an item(s) on the bus if the item(s) becomes a distraction or possible danger to others.

5. No Electronics/Toys Rule:

All electronics and toys are to stay within the student’s backpack during the bus ride (elementary buses only).  The bus driver has the right to confiscate these items to ensure safety of the riders.  The item(s) confiscated will be returned to the student when he/she departs the bus.

6. Personal Property Responsibility:

The student is responsible for his/her own personal property.  Personal property found on the bus will normally be placed in a “lost and found” within the bus.  Some items such as wallets, cell phones, etc. will be brought into the Transportation office.   The bus driver is not responsible for items left on the bus.

7. Bus Passes:

Students cannot a ride bus that they are not assigned to.  Bus passes are not allowed.  Riding the bus to another person’s home is only permitted in emergency cases.  In an emergency, the parent/guardian must contact Transportation Services explaining the emergency.  Transportation Services has the discretion to approve or disapprove the request.

8. Bus Discipline:

Students are expected to observe and follow all bus rider rules and expectations. Any violation may result in a bus discipline notice being sent to the student’s parent/guardian and school.   Failure to abide by the bus rider rules and expectations may result in a busing suspension and/or expulsion from the bus.  The violation of the rules, the number of violations for the student and the gravity of the offense will determine the length of suspension.  Suspension of riding privileges does not mean a suspension from school.  Parents/guardians will be responsible for transportation to and from school during the duration of the busing suspension.

The Transportation Director and/or the school principal have the discretion to revoke busing privileges if a student is chronically disobeying the bus rules and/or creating an unsafe bus ride for themselves and/or other students.

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