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From the Superintendent

The honor and privilege of serving as the Superintendent of Jenison Public Schools is a humbling, yet rewarding experience. Our district’s highest priority is the care and education of the children in our community. Jenison Public School employees are committed to fulfilling the district’s mission which is, “ to ensure that each and every student grows intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially in a safe and caring environment. “ We take great pride in the curriculum, quality of instruction, extra-curricular activities, and beautiful facilities that are available to support our students.

I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about Jenison Public Schools.

Thomas M. TenBrink

Contact Information

Thomas M. TenBrink Superintendent (616) 457-8890
Katie Moy Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent (616) 667-3230
Kristy Rogalla Director of Curriculum (616) 667-3231
Susan Bylsma Administrative Assistant - Curriculum (616) 667-3377
Jan Hearn Administrative Assistant - Attendance (616) 667-3505
Leslie Philipps Director of Human Resources (616) 667-3241
Pam Wittenbach Administrative Assistant - Human Resources (616) 667-3234
Lorri Gierman Administrative Assistant - Registrar (616) 667-3232
Mary Pollock-Host Director of Special Education (616) 667-3235
Brenda Campbell Administrative Assistant - Special Education (616) 667-3240
Christine Marcy Director of Operations and Finance (616) 667-3244
Stephen Baab Accounting Supervisor (616) 667-3237
Teresa Monroe Payroll/Benefits Coordinator (616) 667-3243

Brenda Grandy

Community Education

(616) 457-6110