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Our Mission:

All students will grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially while becoming lifelong learners.


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Tom TenBrink
(616) 457-8890
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Leslie Philipps
Assistant Superintendent
(616) 667-3241
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Kristy Rogalla
Director of Curriculum
(616) 667-3231
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Susan Bylsma
Curriculum and Assessment Administrative Assistant
(616) 667-3377 x3223
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Mary Pollock-Host
Director of Special Education
(616) 667-3235
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Christine Marcy
Director of Finance and Operations
616-457-8890 x3244
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Pam Wittenbach
HR Specialist, Fingerprints (secure fax: 616-457-8898)
(616) 667-3234
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Lorri Gierman
Student Enrollment, Registrar
616-457-8839 x3232
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Teresa Monroe
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
(616) 667-3243
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Brenda Campbell
Special Education Administrative Assistant
(616) 667-3240
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Jan Hearn
Administrative Assistant, Attendance
(616) 667-3505 x3225
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Katie Moy
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/Benefits
(616) 667-3230 x3230
Stephen Baab
(616) 667-3237
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Brian Bennink
JCA Building Manager
(616) 667-3601
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Amanda Peterman
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Eric Hartman
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Mark Richter
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Jennifer Postema
Board Secretary
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Craig Jenison
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Chris Reed
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William Waalkes