Homeschool Courses


Online Courses
Music K
Music 1
Music 2
Music 3
Music 4
Music 5

Onsite Courses
Band, Choir, and Orchestra are available onsite at Jenison Public Schools.

Online Courses with Community Partner Opportunities
Elementary Music Appreciation
Middle School Music
High School Music Appreciation


Online Courses
Elementary Technology+
Middle School Technology
Game Design
Microsoft Office 2013 (High School)
Web Design Basic HTML (High School)
Visual Basic.Net (High School)
Java Programming (High School)

Online Courses with Community Partner Opportunities
Transportation Technology (High School)

+There is a bi-weekly one hour session at the Georgetown Township Offices to reinforce problem solving strategies through face-to-face STEM activities.

Additional Courses

Online Courses
EDP Advisory (High School)
Entrepreneurship (High School)
Healthy Living (High School)
Psychology (High School)
Sociology A (High School)
Sociology B (High School)
Film Studies (Coming Soon!)

College Dual Enrollment
Homeschool students may participate in college dual enrollment, specifically at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), taking eligible courses either traditionally, or online with GRCC.  JIA will pay a capped amount allotted by the State of Michigan, as long as the student fulfills the dual enrollment requirements and is enrolled in a minimum of one (1) Community Partner or Online Course with JIA.  Students must successfully complete any dual enrolled course in order for the district to contribute to tuition.  All costs and fees that exceed the capped amount are the responsibility of the student/family. Contact our offices to learn more about this opportunity.

Career Technical Education
JIA partners with the Careerline Tech Center (CTC) in Ottawa County and the Kent Career Tech Center (KCTC) in Kent County.  Both centers are accepting applications through January 2018 for the 2018-19 school year.  For more information, please contact the JIA offices.