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Volunteer Waiver

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For the safety of our students, all of our volunteers are required to complete an application. 

Volunteers will be asked to complete a form to conduct a background check.  Negative results may result in volunteer denial or a fingerprint-based background check at the volunteer's expense.  The district may also request a photo id to confirm identity. 


Elementary Supply Lists

Elementary and Early Childhood Center classroom supply lists will be provided by your child’s classroom teacher.  Classroom supply lists will be available and sent home to parents via email or mail during the last week of July and beginning of August.  Any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or building.

Updated 6/15/18




Jostens Yearbook


General Resources


Vaping and E-Cigs

A Guide for Parents and Educators about Electronic Cigarettes
The Potential Dangers of E-Cigs for Teens and Young Adults

Teenage Drug Abuse

Teenage Drug Abuse - A Guide for Parents & Educators

Internet Options for Low Income Families

Shared from the Kent Intermediate School District

Learning can occur “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace,” but to continue learning in the home, high speed reliable broadband is crucial. With more devices in the hands of students, districts have shifted away from traditional approaches to homework. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), seven out of ten teachers assign homework that requires high speed internet access, yet in some communities as few as one in three students have home internet connectivity. When students do not have internet access at home, the gap widens in terms of what students can do. Equitable access to the internet is essential to maximize lifetime learning and success.

Families can access to learn what internet options are available in their communities, including mobile hotspots. The website also lists information on discounted computers for qualified families as well as local technology training opportunities. In the coming year, the FCC’s Lifeline program will begin to include internet access. Information on the updated program will be forthcoming.