Meet Our Board of Education


Back Row:
Craig Jenison, William Waalkes,      Amanda Peterman, Geoffrey Brown

Front Row: 
Eric Hartman, Adam Tountas,                   Craig Rockwell

BOE 1-2016

Mr. William Waalkes 
Term Ending 12/2016
  Dr. Craig Rockwell
Term Ending 12/2020
  Mr. Geoffrey Brown
Term Ending 12/2016
Ms. Amanda Peterman
Term Ending 12/2018
  Dr. Eric Hartman
Term Ending 12/2020
  Mr. Craig Jenison
Term Ending 12/2020
Mr. Adam Tountas
Term Ending 12/2016

Bylaws & Policies

Effective bylaws and policies are at the core of successful school district governance. Maintaining bylaws and policies that reflect both local oversight and ever-changing state and federal laws is an enormous task. To ensure district policies are accurate and up-to-date, the Jenison Public Schools Board of Education contracts with NEOLA for these services.

Click on this link to search our Bylaws & Policies External Linkmanual.

If you have questions regarding the  policies established by  the Board of Education please contact Linda Sainz at 667-3230.