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Leadership, Staff & Coaches

Jenison Public Schools athletics is built on a team of highly qualified leaders and coaches who are committed to the development and wellbeing of every student-athlete. With over 50 teams represented our coaches bring diverse coaching styles and methods to our programs, while all united under the same goals of teamwork, discipline, and embodying the character traits of the Wildcat Way.

JPS coaches are extensively screened and equipped to ensure all programs have proper training and subject matter knowledge. 


Tim Ritsema PictureTodd Graham PictureMichael Johnston
Tim Ritsema
Athletics Director

Todd Graham
Assistant Athletics Director

Junior High Athletic Director

Moni MarlinkJennifer Urban PictureJennifer Coffey Picture
Moni Marlink
Sr. High Athletic Secretary
Jennifer Urban
Jr. High Athletic Secretary
Pool Director


Spring Coaching Staff | Sr. High

Libby Taylor

Varsity: Chris Ter Vree
Junior Varsity: Al Smith
Freshman: Spencer Cable

Varsity: Mike Gruppen
Junior Varsity: Kelly Cole
Freshman: Kassidi Hill

Boys Golf
Varsity:  Aaron Boersma
Junior Varsity: Eric Ruff

Boys Lacrosse
Varsity: Steve Strelecki
Junior Varsity: Lance Siegel

Boys Track
Varsity: Jacci Storey

Girls Track
Varsity: Katelyn Stulpe

Girls Tennis
Varsity: Scott Gregory
Junior Varsity:  Hope Schaaf

Girls Soccer
Varsity:  Phil Zuber
Junior Varsity: Dillon McCarty

Girls Water Polo
Girls Water Polo: Spencer Sanders

Fall Coaching Staff | Sr. High

Libby Taylor

Boys Cross Country
Jacci Storey

Girls Cross Country
Kelly Tavis

Varsity: Josh Lucas 
Junior Varsity: Dylan Kohn
Freshman: Sam Diekevers

Boys Soccer
Varsity: Dillon McCarthy
Junior Varsity: Josh Heagle

Boys Tennis
Varsity:  Aaron Boersma
Junior Varsity: Jeff Brown

Girls Golf
Varsity: Tony Hoffman
JV: Sara Peterson

Sideline Cheer
Varsity: Lindsay Fischer
JV: Kaylee Lenartz

Girls Swimming
Varsity:  Kyle Stumpf

Varsity: Teran Peerboom-Vanderbroek
Junior Varsity: Kali Donahue
Freshman: open position

Boys Water Polo
Boys Water Polo: Jason Sweedyk

Winter Coaching Staff | Sr. High

Libby Taylor

Boys Basketball
Varsity: Ernie Paiz
Junior Varsity: Brady Deyman
Freshman: Tom Kragt

Girls Basketball
Varsity: Cory Timmer
Junior Varsity: Andrew Scheid
Freshman: Shelby Nyboer

Boys/Girls Bowling
Varsity:  Chris Slagter
Varsity assistant:  Christina Vanstempvort

Varsity: Jack Williams

Boys Swimming
Varsity: Kyle Stumpf

Varsity:  David Johnson
Junior Varsity: Dan Burkholder

Competitive Cheer
Varsity Head: Rachel DeVries
Junior Varsity: Kaylee Lenartz


Spring Coaching Staff | Jr. High

Girls Soccer:
7th Grade Nina Arnold
8th Grade Maryn Butki

Boys Tennis
Boys Tennis: Jeff Brown

Track: Henry Diaz

Jennifer Coffey

Fall Coaching Staff | Jr. High

Cross Country
7th & 8th Grade:  Nick Brouwer

7th Grade Doug Diekman
8th Grade White Owen Maurice

Boys Soccer:
8th Grade Dominic Kelly
7th Grade Henry Diaz

Sideline Cheer:
7th Grade: Mary Persak 
8th Grade: Brooke Teunis

Girls Tennis
7th & 8th Grade: Amy Smith

7th Grade Green: Alyjah Montemayor
7th Grade White: Jordan Whittecar
8th Grade Green: Allison Sagraves
8th Grade White: Betsy Norton

Winter Coaching Staff | Jr. High


Boys Basketball:
7th Green  Ryan Molenkamp
7th White  Sam Diekevers
8th Green Tyler Smith
8th White  Karsten Weeldreyer

Competitive Cheer:
7th Grade Mary Persak
8th Grade Brooke Teunis

Dance: Emma Grewell

Girls Swim/Dive
Girls Swim/Dive: Craig Westra


Boys Swim/Dive
Boys Swim/Dive: Anna Lockwood

Wrestling: Enrique Gonzalez

Girls Basketball:
7th Green Candace Molenkamp
7th White Stephanie Clover
8th Green Alex Hinga
8th White Ryan Nelson

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