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JIA Instructional Staff

Andrea Allen Headshot
Andrea Allen
Secondary Teacher
Melissa Blake HeadshotMelissa Blake
Instructional Designer & Secondary Teacher
Kyle Cox
Elementary Teacher

Ashley Crossman Headshot
Ashley Crossman
Secondary Teacher

Kate DeJonge HeadshotKate DeJonge
Elementary Teacher

Sarah Faasse HeadshotSarah Faasse
Elementary Teacher

Tara Garcia Headshot
Tara Garcia
Secondary Teacher

Jodi Meyer HeadshotJodi Meyer
Secondary Teacher

Marissa Ortiz HeadshotMarissa Ortiz
Secondary Teacher

Karl Redmer HeadshotKarl Redmer
Secondary Teacher

Julia Riccobono HeadshotJulia Riccobono
Elementary Teacher

Andrew Scheid
Secondary Teacher

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John VandenBerg
Secondary Teacher

Emily Volk Headshot
Emily Volk
Elementary Teacher

Jairia Williams Headshot
Jairia Williams
Secondary Teacher

Maura Willie HeadshotMaura Willie
Secondary Teacher

Deanne Perry HeadshotDeanne Perry

Steve Jonker HeadshotSteve Jonker
Technology Specialist

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