Transportation for the JASPER program is a privledge, not a right.  

Please review the rules for bus riding from this program:

Rider Conduct on the School Bus

1. Follow directions of the bus driver.

2. Walk to a seat and remain there.

3. No changing seats without permission.

4. Talk quietly and be respectful toward others.

5. Keep hands, feet and body to yourself.

Disciplinary Procedural Progression for Improper Behavior on School Bus

1. Driver warns student of misconduct.

2. Student assigned a seat near the front and may include step 3.

3. Driver writes up a Bus Conduct Notice on the student. Disciplinary notice sent to parents. Student may be sent to administrator’s office and parents called.

4. Misconduct may result in suspension from the bus.

5. Continuing misconduct may result in termination of bus rider privileges.

* Students who exhibit extreme misbehavior may have their bus rider privilege revoked.