iPad Help

Blackboard isn't Loading?

On iPads, Blackboard will not work unless it's accessed through the Blackboard app on the home screen. Clicking links in Safari, or accessing Blackboard through Clever, will not work.

The Blackboard app icon looks like this.
Blackboard app icon

If the Blackboard app asks you to enter your school, please type "Jenison Public School District." It should appear as you begin to type.

Using the app, but it's still not loading?

Close out of all apps, open Safari and close out of all tabs, then reboot the device. Try opening Blackboard through the app again.


Proxy Authentication Required

This simply means our filter did not stick on the iPad. Provide us with the device name in a help request, and we'll send you the username and password needed. To find the device name, lock your device (top button) and press the home button (front bottom middle button). On the bottom of the lock screen, you should see the device name. (example: BU C23)

Lock Screen


Staticky/Distorted Sound?

This seems to be a common issue during Blackboard Collaborate sessions. The best solution we can offer is to use headphones instead. It may also help to turn your camera off when it's not needed. If it's frequently happening, contact us, so we can try to swap out the device.

Contact Us

If you're having issues with a device and none of the above tips helped, feel free to contact us by submitting a technology help ticket.