Chromebook Help

Camera or Mic Not Working for Video Calls?

First, navigate to the site that uses your camera/mic. Then, click on the lock icon near the URL at the top and set the camera/mic to "allow".
Lock icon

Once a site is allowed camera/mic access, it should remember these settings.


Camera App Not Opening?

A recent Chromebook update has bugged the camera app. We have a workaround until it's fixed. You should see an icon in the top left of your Chrome window called "Camera."

Camera Fix Icon

Click on this, then click on Camera Fix. This will redirect you to a site where you can access your camera and save pictures/videos you take. Click "Get Started." You may need to allow the site to use your camera if it asks.

To use: In the top right corner, you can adjust your camera to be widescreen if needed. When you're ready to take a picture, hit the camera icon in the bottom middle. After you take a picture, click save. This will save the photo to your Google drive, which can be shared with teachers.


Screen Not Turning On?

Your Chromebook may not be charging correctly. When charging, an indicator light next to the Chromebook's charging port should be lit up. Try using a different power outlet, or check if there's something inside of the end of the charger, or if the pin inside is misaligned.

Check for Updates

Issues can emerge when the Chromebook hasn't been updated in a while. This quick guide will help walk you through the steps to update your Chromebook.
Chromebook Update Guide



At this moment, we are not supporting printing from Chromebooks. Please contact your building's Principal for an alternate solution.


Refresh the Chromebook

If all else fails, try refreshing  the Chromebook. This simple step fixes lots of glitches and issues. This will turn off the computer, so make sure to save your work before trying. Perform a refresh by holding the power button  and refresh button  for about 10 seconds, then power the device back on.


Contact Us

If you're having issues with a device and none of the above guides helped, feel free to contact us by submitting a technology help ticket.