Student Information

Student Expectations

Before leaving the junior high, students will be expected to demonstrate growth in each of the following areas:

  1. Respecting others and recognizing individual differences;
  2. Exhibiting healthy, positive self-esteem;
  3. Communicating effectively through listening, speaking, reading, and writing;
  4. Utilizing critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  5. Being responsible decision-makers;
  6. Working cooperatively and productively;
  7. Demonstrating an awareness of and need to be involved in global and cultural issues;
  8. Understanding the importance of learning throughout life;
  9. Participating in diverse learning opportunities;
  10. Pursuing excellence in all endeavors.

It is important that we work together to insure that students have a positive and successful junior high school experience. Parental interest in school activities and open communication between home and school are critical to enable students to pass confidently into their high school experience.

Character Education

  • Caring - Showing understanding of others by treating them with kindness, compassion, generosity, and a forgiving spirit. 
  • Integrity - A firm adherence to a code of moral values.  Being honest, trustworthy and incorruptible.
  • Citizenship - Doing my part at home, school, and in my community.  Supporting the best common good. 
  • Self-Discipline - Demonstrating hard work controlling your emotions, words, impulses, and desires.  Giving your best in all situations.