National Honor Society

National Honor Society

The purpose of the National Honor Society is to reinforce, recognize, and stimulate:

  • An enthusiasm for scholarship
  • A desire to render service
  • The promotion of leadership, and
  • The development of character in the students of Jenison High School

(adapted from the Constitution, National Honor Society, 1997).

Interested students who wish to be considered for Honor Society membership must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an 11th grade student who has attended JHS for at least one semester.
  • 3.60 GPA
  • Must demonstrate high standards of character, leadership, service, and scholarship.

Eligible candidates will be notified in the fall, must submit requisite informational materials for consideration by the National Honor Society Faculty Committee and by a date to be determined and communicated to eligible candidates. The Faculty Committee reviews informational materials submitted by the required date, evaluates individual candidacy, and the advisors (on behalf of the Committee) will notify candidates if they are selected to our chapter of the National Honor Society.

Note: Membership is conferred upon selected and eligible candidates and not on the basis of grades and/or interest alone. There is a limited timeline for this annual review, notification of eligible candidates, consideration, selection, and notification process. Therefore, this process occurs at the beginning of the Fall Semester, occurs only once per year, and should be completed by the first week of December (at the latest). Students who wish to be considered as candidates for Honor Society should be involved in community service and be active participants in activities during their high school years.

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