Testing Out

Test Out Course Waiver

This policy has been enacted to allow students who wish to waive a course to do so by showing competency in that course. This competency can be shown through a variety of means, but will generally be earned by taking the final exam for the course and earning at least a C+. The intent of this policy is to allow students the opportunity to test out of a course for which they feel they already possess the knowledge or skills to pass. Students who earn a C+ or better on the final exam of a course will be considered to have met course completion requirement and will receive credit to be applied toward the 22 credits required to graduate. Exams will be administered during specified dates below in the counseling office.  Credit earned through our waiver policy will not be factored into cumulative GPA. 

Two test out opportunities are available each year (before 1st and before 2nd semester).  Specific test out dates are posted below.  In order to test out of a course, be sure to meet the sign-up deadline. 

Opt-Out Test Date: Wednesday, August 5, 8:00 am or 5:00 pm

Sign-Up Deadline: Monday, July 27


Sign Up Here - Google Formshttps://forms.gle/tw2EPjFvGybv4XBd6


Students who arrive after 8:00 am will not be allowed to participate in this test out opportunity - the next opportunity will not take place until December, 2020 (date TBD)

Decisions Information:

  • See below files for information on Resume (due at time of test), Test, and Job Shadow requirements. 
  • Job Shadow Forms and Information - see below .pdfs labeled "Job Shadow"

All other Subject Area information:

  • You must make an appointment with your counselor to discuss possible course test-out options.
  • After meeting with a counselor, students are responsible for connecting with a teacher to obtain review materials or books that may be available to help in preparation for the test-out exam they have chosen.