Welcome to Career Tech Education (CTE)

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What is CTE?

Career Technical Education (CTE) are educational programs offered at Jenison High School that provides learners with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for college and careers.  CTE gives purpose to learning by emphasizing real-world skills and practical knowledge within a selected career focus.

Jenison students enrolled in CTE take specialized programs in: Marketing, Finance, Business Management, Office Managment, Entreprenuership, and Construction Trades.  In addition to these programs, students often have the opportunity to participate in internships, engage with mentors from our local business community, compete in competitions, and practice what they are learning through hands-on projects. Many students who participate in our programs earn college credit as well.

Enrolling in CTE courses delivers real-options for students by preparing them for rewarding careers.  Not only that, but it offers the opportunity to develop real-world skills while giving them an exceptional high school experience. 

Here at Jenison, we are committed and excited to offer these opportunities right here on our campus.    Please take the time to explore our page and see what CTE can deliver for you! Learn more about CTE and learning that works for America here.


CTE Delivers for Students and Prepares them for the Real World


CTE Delivers Real Options for College and Rewarding Careers


  • CTE programs allow students to explore a range of options for their future - inside and outside the classroom.
  • Through CTE, students can start their path toward a career that they are passionate about, while earning valuable experience, college credits and more.

CTE Delivers Real-World Skills


  • CTE is a unique opportunity for hand-on learning - putting students at the center of action.
  • CTE provides the skills and confidence students need to pursue career options, discover their passions and get on a path to success.
  • CTE gives purpose to learning by emphasizing real-world skills and practical knowledge.
  • Students receive hands-on training, mentoring, and internships from employers in their community.  They also learn how to develop a professional resume and interview for a job.
  • These additional tools and experiences help ensure students are ready for the real world.

CTE Delivers a Real High School Experience with Exceptional Value


  • CTE programs are a part of Jenison high school - students can participate in CTE and the other activities they enjoy, such as sports, the arts or whatever else their friends are doing.
  • CTE take students even further during their high school experience - providing opportunities for specialized classes, internships, and networking with members of their community.


Why CTE?


CTE is learning that works for students by delivering real options for college and rewarding careers.


CTE fills a critical gap for high school students


  • Students in CTE programs and their parents are three times as likely to report they are "very satisfied" with their and their children's ability to learn real-world skills as part of their education.

CTE Creates pathways to college and career success


  • Over 75 percent of students taking a concentration of CTE courses enroll in postsecondary education after graduating from high school.

CTE provides pathways to advancement


  • 84 percent of adult learners concentrating in CTE either continued their education or were employed within six months of completing their program.

CTE is learning that works for Industry and employers by strengthening their ability to recruit and hire skilled talent.


CTE helps fill the skills gap


  • Nearly 60 percent of companies report having difficulty filling job openings because of a lack of qualified skilled applicants, which can cost a company upwards of $800,000 each year in lost productivity and recruitment.  At the same time, six out of the ten hardest-to-fill positions are in technical fields or require a CTE background.

CTE programs directly connect learners in high school with employers


  • CTE programs provide a clear pipeline of talent and unique opportunities for students to engage in internships, apprenticeships and other meaningful on-the-job experiences.  In fact, employer participation is a requirement of funding for CTE programs in the majority of states.

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