Student Information

Student Expectations

The goal of the Jenison Public Schools is that all graduates will:

1. Communicate effectively

Clearly expresses ideas orally.
Speaks with confidence and poise using a clear voice and exhibiting eye contact. Uses appropriate, meaningful vocabulary which is grammatically correct. The topic is well-focused and includes supporting details.
Expresses ideas clearly and accurately in written form.
The written work shows a clear focus or theme with supporting details. Exhibits rich, meaningful vocabulary and is grammatically correct.
Expresses ideas clearly in visual form.
Visual works such as artistic productions, fine arts performances, and visual aids show clear focus or theme with originality, internal consistency, and the artistic use of media.
Demonstrates understanding of what is heard, read, or observed. Accurately and completely summarizes and explains the meaning of written, spoken, and visual messages.

2. Solve problems

Demonstrates knowledge and use of successful problem-solving strategies.
Employs systematic strategies, which include problem recognition, development of alternative solutions, selection of an appropriate option, evaluation of the solution implemented, and modification of the solution when needed.

3. Think critically

Uses critical thinking skills to process information. Demonstrates an ability to comprehend, apply, synthesize, and evaluate information.

4. Respect self, others, and the environment

Develops and sustains a positive self-concept and outlook on life. Demonstrates self-confidence, high self-esteem, and a positive attitude.
Considers the rights,opinions, customs, and cultures of others.
Demonstrates an understanding of similarities and differences in individuals, groups, and cultures.
Understands the contributions of individuals, groups, and cultures to others.
Possesses an appreciation of the natural world. Recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for the benefit of all living things.

5. Practice responsible citizenship.

Works for the welfare of others. Develops and encourages positive personal and group relationships and volunteers time and talent in service to others.
Demonstrates respect for property, authority, laws, and rules.
Understands, respects, and complies with accepted standards of conduct in society.
Understands societal issues.
Defines, examines, and evaluates societal issues.
Values the democratic process. Demonstrates an understanding of the origins of American democracy, its principles and function, and its benefits to the American people.

6. Work cooperatively and productively

Works toward the achievement of the goals of the group . Is on task and contributes to the development and achievement of group goals.

7. Set goals and adapt to change

Demonstrates an ability to define goals and respond to change.
Develops realistic goals which reflect one's talents, strengths, and aspirations.
Understands and responds to change.
Understands the value of learning throughout one's life.

8. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills specified in the core curriculum of the district.

Curriculum guides for each curricular area have been developed by the staff. They guide the instructional program and are subject to ongoing development.