About Our School

Welcome to Sandy Hill Elementary School

Sandy Hill's goal of education is to provide all learners with a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, and understandings that are necessary for their continual growth and success as students within the school setting and as adults in society.

All aspects of the child's development will be mutually supported through open communication involving child, teacher, and parent.


The Sandy Hill community fosters opportunities for physical, academic, creative, emotional, and social learning in a changing world.


All children will have the opportunity to learn through differentiated instruction. We will achieve this through continuous problem-solving and data gathering. We will implement early intervention strategies as a way to increase success. Teachers, students, and parents will embrace change, understanding that it leads to progress.


Sandy Hill students will be discerning, effective, lifelong learners by being safe, respectful, responsible and kind. They will strive to communicate effectively in their reading, writing, listening, and speaking.