About Our School

Welcome to Rosewood Elementary

Hi and welcome to Rosewood Elementary School. The staff and students are excited about all the learning opportunities available at Rosewood.  Student achievement, learning the importance of a work ethic, and social growth are goals for all students at Rosewood. 

Each day parents play a large part in the life of students, through our Parents Club and Volunteer program.  A visit to Rosewood will find happy students, staff, and parents.  See you soon!

Rosewood front entrance

Rosewood Staff Members will:

  • Discover the gifts and personal potential of all students.
  • Uphold a strong standard of excellence in our learning community.
  • Develop excellent student - teacher relationships.
  • Develop forward thinking students who are globally aware and technologically capable.
  • Promote independent thinkers and problem solvers.


Mrs. Kunnen created a beautiful mural in the school office!  Stop in and see it when you get a minute - it's amazing!  Thank you Mrs. Kunnen!


Hallway wall art