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Welcome to Jenison Junior High School

Junior high years are a time of discovery. They’re the all important two-year link between the carefree life of elementary school children and the responsibilities and challenges of young adults as they begin their high school experience. Junior high is a place of transition that helps children cope with the emotional and physical changes confronting them.

Outside Junior entrance

For many adolescents, junior high is the crossroads in their physical, emotional, and social lives. Strong feelings, new moods, different interests, and new desires emerge. Friends become all important and parents are sometimes pushed away. As parents, though, we must accept and gently guide this "new" person, providing stability and love during what can be a very confusing time of life.

Our Mission

  • Teaching by challenging students through high expectations and diverse learning opportunities.
  • Learning to value knowledge and to be critical thinkers and responsible citizens.
  • Caring in an atmosphere of cooperation, mutual respect, and positive attitudes.

Jenison Junior High School attempts to provide a stable learning environment throughout this period. Students who walk through our doors will find challenges that they did not face in elementary school. These challenges include six classes which are taught by six different teachers, each having their own distinct style and expectations of performance.

A broad range of subjects and activities open many doors for intellectual and personal growth. Academic and extracurricular activities will help students to assess personal strengths and weaknesses. The insight gained will enable students to make appropriate high school course selections and to make sound career choices.