Office of the Academic Dean of Students

Welcome to the Office of the Academic Dean of Students!

The role of the Academic Dean of Students is to help students plan their schedules to reach academic and career goals.


Scheduling for each school year takes place during second semester.  It is imperative that students schedule by specific deadlines to help ensure students are scheduled into requested courses. 

Students and families will be notified via email during the summer about back-to-school orientation, which takes place prior to the beginning of the school year. At orientation, students will receive schedules, course materials, technology, and an introduction to Blackboard.

Schedule change requests will not be honored after the first Friday of each semester.

To see courses offered at JIA Secondary, please see the Academic Offerings page.

Scheduling Information

JIA Graduation Requirements
A list of graduation requirements for JIA.  Students are allowed to graduate after seven semesters of high school, if all graduation requirements are met.

JIA Graduation Progress Worksheet
Enter completed courses to track graduation progress.

JIA Four Year High School Plan Worksheet
Explore how different classes will fit over the course of four years.  Feel free to edit the entered courses, as those are the typical courses.  However, JIA offers many options for students to meet graduation requirements.

Tech Center

Kent Career Technical Center (Kent County)
Careerline Tech Center
(Ottawa County)