JIA International Programs

International students point to their home countries on a globe.
International graduates are excited about commencement.
International students smiling at the camera.
An international student is sitting with his host family, as they welcome him to Michigan.

International Programs and Services

Jenison International Academy works with strategic partner schools and agencies to plan, develop, implement, and oversee international projects and programs.  Each is tailored to the individual partnership, creating a learning program specific to the school and the needs of students and staff.

“One thing that I can never forget about JHS is my teachers. Their creative methods of instructing, passion for learning, and willingness to assist influenced me. Not just test scores, they impacted me spiritually.”
Jilly (Northeastern University, Boston)

“My experience at Jenison provided me opportunities to discover my passion, taught me to reflect on issues critically, and more importantly, helped me grow as an individual.”
Nancy (Fordham University, New York)

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Emily Kaminski
International Student Services Coordinator
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Joslyn Ashcraft
Marketing & Support Manager