Elementary Courses

All students must take a minimum of six courses in order to be considered a full time student in the state of Michigan.  Most students will take four core courses (math, science, ELA, history/social studies) and two electives in order to meet this requirement.  It is possible, however, for us to count ELA and Math as two periods in grades K-2 because they have multiple components.

Students can take their elective courses through Community Partnerships, fully online electives, or a combination of both.

Art Electives

JIA Elementary Art K1
JIA Elementary Art 23
JIA Elementary Art 45

Music Electives

JIA Elementary Music K1
JIA Elementary Music 23
JIA Elementary Music 45

Physical Education Electives

JIA Elementary Physical Education K1
JIA Elementary Physical Education 23
JIA Elementary Physical Education 45

Spanish Electives

JIA Elementary Spanish K1
JIA Elementary Spanish 23
JIA Elementary Spanish 45

Elective Experiences

JIA Elementary Elective Experiences K1
JIA Elementary Elective Experiences 23
JIA Elementary Elective Experiences 45

Community Partnerships

Students may participate in optional learning experiences within an online course through JIA established community partnerships.  For more information, students and parents may contact the JIA Elementary Principal to participate in an optional learning experience.