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JIA offers comprehensive assistance with course options and post secondary planning, including preparation for the workforce, technical schools, and 2 or 4 year institutions.

Standardized Assessments

This year all third through eighth, and eleventh grade Michigan public school students will be participating in Michigan’s state assessment programs. (ninth and tenth graders will be taking a PSAT exam) A policy of the Michigan State Board of Education, Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and Jenison Public Schools states that all students participate in the state assessment programs in the grades and content areas where applicable. These assessments will assist educators in updating parents and educators on the progress Michigan public school students are moving toward college and career readiness. Regularly assessing Michigan public school students in the content areas and grade levels required by the state and federal laws, is crucial to determine this progress. Additionally, participation in state assessment programs ensures that the MDE is able to provide accurate information to parents and educators for improved outcomes through informed instruction for all Michigan public school students. Michigan’s state summative assessments are the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M­Step), Michigan Merit Exam (MME), and the MI­Access. All of these assessment programs are based on the Michigan Academic Standards.

SAT Test Overview
MSTEP Practice Test (Must be completed in Google Chrome)

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