This is a great place to be!

Welcome to Jenison High School

Jenison is a suburban community in the metropolitan Grand Rapids, Michigan area. It is supportive of its schools as evidenced by tremendous parental support of its many programs. The reputation of its schools has made it a popular home for educators from other school districts and staff from Grand Valley State University, which is located nearby.

About Us

Jenison High School offers a comprehensive curriculum of over 150 course offerings with rigorous graduation requirements and an award winning music program. Full special education services are available throughout all grade levels in the district (5 elementary, 1 junior high, 1 high school). Advanced Placement Courses are offered in 18 subjects with 534 Advanced Placement tests (76% scored 3 or better) administered in 2014. JHS’s ACT scores traditionally exceed those of the national averages in all subject areas.

Jenison High School is a 4-year public high school with an enrollment of 1379 students in grades 9-12. Seventy-two faculty members (70% with advanced degrees) teach during the six 59 minutes class periods.


A map of our Senior High / Junior High / Administrative Offices / Performing Arts Center Campus

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.11.06 PM    JHS Campus Map