Rosewood Parent Volunteers

Rosewood Volunteers

Dear Parent Volunteers:

Volunteering at Rosewood Elementary is very important during the school year.  Please read the Volunteer Opportunity page which explains the volunteer programs. We want you to have an accurate idea of what you are volunteering for and what the time commitment is.  If you have ANY questions after reading the descriptions, please don’t hesitate to email for further information.  

We are so fortunate to have such a great group of volunteers at Rosewood!! Many hours are logged and we want you to know that each hour you provide means the world to the staff and children at Rosewood.  Research is so clear – kids at schools with a broad base of involved parents perform markedly better on all levels that schools measure.

Please consider one or more of the opportunities and complete the volunteer sign-up form available online or from the school office.

Thank you,

Kristen Veltman
Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Opportunities 

READING PROGRAMS:  1st Grade Reading:  The reading program is essential to our first graders as they begin and continue to master their reading skills.  Monday – Friday volunteers are needed from about 9a-10a to listen to students read their book-in-a-bag homework.  Program begins in October and runs through May.  Volunteers will read with students from both 1st grade classrooms.  

2nd Grade Reading:  The second graders continue to master their reading skills through the book-in-a bag homework.  Monday and Friday morning volunteers are needed from about 9a-10a to listen to students read.  The program begins in September and runs through May.  Most parents read with their own child’s class, but if we are short volunteers in other classrooms, we may ask that you read with a different second grade class.

3rd– 6thGrade Reading:  These grade levels have reading incentive programs typically scheduled for a 4-6 week period during the school year.  More detailed information will be available several weeks before programs begin.  It may be recommended that volunteers read the same books as the students in order to familiarize themselves with the material.

MATH PROGRAMS:  Kindergarten Math Centers:  The math centers are essential to our Kindergarteners as they begin to master their math skills.  Monday volunteers are needed for about 45 minutes to run the math centers.  This program begins in October and runs through May.

2nd Grade Math Facts:  The second graders continue to master their math skills through the math packet program.  Volunteers are needed throughout the week to quiz the students using flash cards.  This program begins in October and runs through May.

FRIDAY FOLDERS:  Weekly, on Fridays, volunteers are needed in the lower elementary grades to stuff folders with notes & papers that are to be sent home with the children. 

ART:  Volunteers are needed in the art department to help teachers in displaying classroom art projects.  Typically volunteers are needed every other week to hang and/or take down artwork.  Volunteers must be able to climb ladder as artwork is often hung from the ceiling or high on the walls  throughout the building.

COPY HELP:  Staff have many items throughout the week that need photocopying.  Volunteers work in the copy room making photocopies as instructed by staff.

CAFETERIA SUPERVISION:  Parents are a big help in the cafeteria each day, keeping order and assisting students with their lunches.  Volunteers are needed Monday-Friday during the school lunch hour of 11:30am-12:45pm.  Volunteers typically assist students with opening of items, mess clean up and crowd control.

MEDIA CENTER:  The Media Center volunteers typically work weekly in three hour blocks of time, 9am-12pm and 12:30pm-3:30pm.  Volunteers are needed September – June.  Some basic computer knowledge is requested.  Volunteers check books in, check books out, help the students when they are in the library and have various other jobs determined by the librarian(s).  Book Fairs:The Media Center sponsors two Scholastic book fairs to raise money for books and supplies for the Media Center.  Volunteers are needed during and after school.  More detailed information will be distributed prior to each book fair.

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT: Volunteers are needed to facilitate lesson plans using provided materials.  This is a 2-6 week   program.  Sessions are approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour each.