General Information

2020 SPRING TRY-OUTS/1st Day schedule


F/JV/V – Tryouts: Monday, March 9th: :  3:00pm – 6:00pm in Kamstra/Pals gyms

Athletic clothing, tennis shoes, baseball equipment, hat & gloves

F Coach:     Hunter Thompson

JV Coach:   Al Smith

V Coach:    Tim Keur


JV/Varsity  Tryouts:  Monday, March 9th @ 4:30pm – 7:30pm at the field located between

the pool & tennis courts

Boys    Dress for outside & bring required appropriate equipment  (helmet, gloves, shoulder & elbow pads, mouth guard & stick)

V Coach:   Steve Strelecki  616-617-9946

Girls  Anyone interested in girls Lacrosse please sign up at

Coach:  Tess Copes

GOLF (boys)

JV/ VarsityTryouts:  Monday, March 9th @ 3:00pm

Practice at hitting nets: South Balcony/Kamstra Gym, dress accordingly

JV Coach:   Eric Ruff

V Coach:    Aaron Boersma


 JV/Varsity Tryouts:  Monday, March 9th

Soccer Stadium (outside) 3:30 – 6:00pm  or  Kamstra Gym (inside)  5:00 -7:00pm

Listen for announcements – Weather Dependent

Must be registered in Final Forms & physical on file. Be prepared for either indoor or outdoor tryouts     

Contact Mr. Zuber for specific tryout information – room 303 – or email

JV Coach:  Alisia VanTine

V Coach:   Phil Zuber,   Room 303        


F/JV/Varsity Tryouts:  Monday, March 9th

Kamstra Girls locker room/Main Gym   6:00pm – 9:00pm – meet 10 minutes prior to start

Workout clothes/gym shoes & softball equipment

F Coach:  Madison Krol, Room 214,

JV Coach:   Kelly Cole, Room 401, 

V Coach:    Kari Kossen,  PE Classroom,    667-3378

TENNIS (girls)

JV/Varsity  Tryouts:  Monday, March 9th.  5am-7am   Premier Tennis Club @ Ramblewood, GVL

JV Coach:   Karlee Brower

V Coach:     Scott Gregory


BoysPractice:  Monday, March 9th @ 3:00pm. – meet in Mr. Diekever’s room 315 @ 3:00pm

Bring both indoor and outdoor workout clothes (SWEATSHIRT & SWEATPANTS)

Head Coach:   Sam Diekevers

Sprinters/Sprint Relays:  Coach Rob Zeitman

Pole Vault/Long & High Jump: Coach Sam Diekevers

Distance:  Coach Jacci Storey

Throwers:  Coach Mike VanderBeek 

Girls 1st Day of Practice: Monday, March 9th  3:15 – 5:30pm  Meet in Room 406 (Mr. Kopec)

Be prepared to practice outside – RUNNING shoes, snack & water bottle, inside if needed

Head Coach:  Kelly Tavis 

Asst. Coach:  Isaac Kopec  Room 406


JV/Varsity -   Tryouts:  Monday, March 9th @ Pool - 3pm. Bring suit, cap, and goggles 

Pool Office:  616-667-3571

V Coach:   Nicole Redder

JV Coach:  Spencer Sanders


All Sports Season Pass

$70 Individual Pass
• Full access to Junior High & High School Home Events
• Does not include tournament or MHSAA special events

$240 = Family Pass Package
• Includes 4 passes (must be immediate family)
• Each additional pass can be purchased for $35 each

Passes can be purchased in the High School Athletic Office from 8:00 am - 3:30 pm.

Participation Fees:

Junior High participation fee:               $50     Participation pdf

High School participation fee:              $80

Family Maximum:                                 $200

*note this will not impact those who receive financial assistance. Please contact the athletic office at 667-3366 for any questions.

Sports Schedules

Pocket schedules can be obtained from the High School or Junior High athletic office.  Online schedules can be found here. 

Athletic Physicals

All students planning to participate in a sport must have a physical on file before they are allowed to practice or try-out.
The physical form must be dated after April 15th of the current school year to be valid for athletic participation.

Transportation Policy

Transportation for junior high and high school athletic events this year will be to and from events during the week and drop off only for the weekends except under special circumstances.

Attendance Policy

All athletes must be in attendance half of the day in order to practice or participate in scheduled contests. The absence must be excused.

MHSAA Limited Team Membership Rule

A student can only compete for the school team once the season begins. In all JH/MS sports except football, athletes are allowed to participate in two non-school events during the season. An "event" is one occurring on not more than three consecutive calendar days.

 Athletic Student Handbook