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Create Your Email Signature

Create Your Email Signature

How to create and set your email signature:1. Open the signature creator app and let it load.
2. Click the blue "full screen" button in the bottom right, then fill in your info at the top.
3. Press: Command + Shift + 4 (Windows key + Shift + S for PC users). This opens up the screenshot tool. Drag a rectangle over the finished signature image. The screenshot will be saved to your desktop. For PC users, you'll need to open the Paint app and paste your captured image, then save it as a .JPG file.
4. Go to your Gmail inbox and click the gear in the top right, then click "see all settings."
5. Scroll down until you see the signature box. You may need to hit "Create New" and name the signature if the signature box doesn't appear. Click the insert image button  (near the top-middle of the box).
6. Click the upload tab, then drag your screenshot from your desktop into the window.
7. It may appear huge, so click the image, there should be an option below it to pick "large" or "medium" instead.
8. Right below the signature box, it says "Signature Defaults". Make sure your newly named signature is in the 2 dropdown buttons.

Example signature:
Example Employee Signature

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