Magazine Sale

Jenison Junior High has kicked off our magazine fundraising campaign this year.  It runs from September 10 - 25, and it's fast and easy for you to help support our cause!

Over the past few years profits from the sales (40% of each order!) have been used to purchase classroom technology such as projectors, speakers, and document cameras. We have also been able to use the proceeds to purchase textbooks and science lab supplies, sponsor student field trips, help with other curriculum needs, and more.

New to our sale this year, students can earn college tuition rewards for the magazines and products they sell!  Sell $100 in product and earn $1,000 tuition rewards to use at over 350 colleges and universities.  Students can earn up to $2,500 in tuition rewards each year.  More information and details can be found at the following link

Please ask your student about the magazine sale information that was sent home to help support our school and help your student earn prizes, tuition reward credits, and money toward his/her 8th grade Cedar Point trip.  Extra magazine packets are available in the main office.


Purchase Magazines Online:


School ID #:   2519981


Turn In Days:

September 14 - Reach Out Booklets

September 16 - Turn In Day #1

September 18 - Turn In Day #2

September 21 - Turn In Day #3

September 23 - Turn In Day #4

September 25 - Turn In Day #5



Every 1 - Minion Keychain and Carabiner

2 - Skittles

4 - Moon Pack - Over $100 in Prizes

6 - VIP party - Pizza and Mechanical Bull Ride

8 - Selfie Stick or 10’ Phone Charger

10 - Bring a Friend to the VIP Party

15 - $20 Cash

20 - $40 Cash