U-TECH (9-12)

Providing access and opportunity for post-secondary learning success.

The University and Technology Center (U-TECH) counsels and guides high school students towards post-secondary pathways that meet their interests.  It provides multiple opportunities to earn college credit before high school graduation, which contributes to accessibility, readiness, and financial savings towards a degree or certification program.  U-TECH serves the community by meeting the needs of learners.

U-TECH opens doors for students, providing guidance in mapping a plan for their future by identifying skills for college readiness, assisting with selecting a pathway of courses in a specific major, and supporting academic work towards earning college credit prior to high school graduation. Through participation in U-TECH, students and parents may utilize college counseling services specific to career interests.  A Personalized Pathway is built for each student, leading to a desired program degree/certificate within a college or university.  Additional workshops and seminars are advertised throughout the school year for students enrolled in U-TECH.

U-TECH offers students two "major" areas of study: the Engineering Major and a Specialized Major, with multiple options for completion based on the subject area.

Engineering Major

The Engineering Major is for students who are interested in designing and developing solutions with the intention of solving real-world problems.  To explore the field of engineering, Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is incorporated into the students' academic program.  PLTW offers a robust, project-based engineering curriculum developed by businesses, teachers, and parents engaging students in hands-on projects to improve quality of life while designing environmentally benign products affording a sustainable future.  The Engineering Major provides career preparedness services and several extracurricular options including the Robotics Team and the Engineering & Design Club.

Specialized Major

The Specialized Major offers college preparation for students in grades 9-12, within a specialized course of study.  This major is intended for students who are college-bound, developing a personalized outline of course within an identified career pathway.  Students will be provided the opportunity to research and plan for preferred or general admission to their ideal post-secondary institutions.  The U-TECH program develops the whole student as a life-long learner to think critically, develop creative solutions, and communicate effectively to be successful in our ever-changing world.

Student Application Process

STEP 1: Apply for Full Time Enrollment

Each applicant must first complete the JIA Application for Full Time Enrollment.  Please follow the link to access the Full Time Enrollment information page to view admission requirements and the application portal.

Full Time Enrollment Page

STEP 2: Submit U-TECH Application & Documentation

Complete the program-specific online application for enrollment in the U-TECH Program.

U-TECH Program Application


U-TECH Brochure