Technology Courses
Technology Courses

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Technology (Grades K-12)

Online Courses
Elementary Technology+
MS Technology
Computer Fundamentals (9-12)
Microsoft Office (9-12)
Game Design (9-12)
Image Design (9-12)
Web Design (9-12)

Online Courses with Community Partner Opportunities
Transportation Technology*

Students may register with the following Community Partners, following completion of enrollment with JIA.  All paperwork and participation must be done through the Community Partner directly.

  • Century Driving School: Students may register for Driver's Training.  Please note:  This is designed as a full-year class and includes both Segment 1 and Segment 2 of Driver's Training.  Segment 2 will include another drive with the instructor to reinforce what has been learned throughout the year.

+There is a bi-weekly one hour session at the JIA Offices to reinforce problem solving strategies through face-to-face STEM activities.
*Course Description Coming Soon!