Technology Courses
Technology Courses

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Technology (Grades K-12)

Online Courses
Elementary Technology+
MS Technology
Computer Fundamentals (9-12)
Microsoft Office (9-12)
Game Design (9-12)
Image Design (9-12)
Web Design (9-12)

Online Courses with Community Partner Opportunities
Transportation Technology

Students may register with the following Community Partners, following completion of enrollment with JIA.  All paperwork and participation must be done through the Community Partner directly.

  • Century Driving School: Students may register for Driver's Training.  Please note:  This is designed as a full-year class and includes both Segment 1 and Segment 2 of Driver's Training.  Segment 2 will include another drive with the instructor to reinforce what has been learned throughout the year.

+There is a bi-weekly one hour session at the JIA Offices to reinforce problem solving strategies through face-to-face STEM activities.
*Course Description Coming Soon!