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Full Time JIA High School Courses

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English Language Arts

English 9 A & B
English 10 A & B
English 11 A & B
English 12 A & B
Creative Writing
Comparative Literature
College Writing


Algebra 1 Foundations
Algebra 1

Algebra 2
College Math A (Statistics)
College Math B (Trigonometry)
Personal Finance A & B


Biology A & B
Chemistry A & B
Earth Science A & B
Physical Science A & B (Conceptual Chem/Phys)
Physics A
Environmental Science*

Social Studies

American History A & B
World History A & B
American Government
World Geography

High School Electives

Semester Electives
EDP/Advisory (Semester 1)
Computer Fundamentals*
Healthy Living (Semester 1)
Health (Semester 2)
Nutrition and Wellness*
Physical Education (Semester 1)
Psychology (Semester 2)
Game Design*
Web Design*
Microsoft Office 2013
Web Design Basics HTML
Film Studies: American Film Survey*
Film Studies: Directors of the Golden Age*

Art Electives
Introduction to Art (Semester 1)
Image Design and Editing*
Studio Art (Semester 2)
Digital Photography (Semester 2)

Music Electives
Band, Choir, and Orchestra are available onsite at Jenison High School.

World Languages Electives

Spanish 1 A & B*
Spanish 2 A & B*
Spanish 3*
Spanish 4*
French 1*
French 2*
French 3*
French 4*
German 1*
German 2*
German 3*
German 4*
Mandarin (Chinese) 1*
Mandarin (Chinese) 2*
Latin 1*
Latin 2*
American Sign Language 1*
American Sign Language 2*

Advance Placement Classes (AP)**

*Instructor services contracted through Fuel Education, Middlebury, or MVU.
**Advance Placement Courses are available upon request.  Please contact the JIA Offices to learn more.