2017 Summer Enhancement

Enrollment Information

To enroll in the Summer Credit Enhancement term, please contact your guidance counselor at either Jenison High School (students entering grades 9-12) or Jenison Junior High (entering grades 7-8).

Jenison High School

Jenison Junior High School

Jenison International Academy

Course fees for the 2017 summer term are $200 per High School Course and $150 per Junior High Course.

The summer credit enhancement term will begin on Monday, June 19, 2017 and close on Friday, August 11, 2017.

Registration for the 2017 Summer Enhancement Semester is now closed.


Courses Offered

Junior High Courses (Quarter Course)

Health 7: Directions
Health 8: Challanges & Choices

High School Courses (Semester Course)*

American Government
Creative Writing
Comparative Literature
Health (PE-I equivalent)

*All high school courses are equal to 0.5 credits.

Summer Credit Enhancement Term Policies

  • Building administrator & counselor approval is required for enrollment.
  • Students must achieve an overall course grade of 77% or greater and complete all required coursework to earn credit.
  • Grades will be transcripted as credit (CR) by Jenison High School and Jenison Junior High.
  • Students must provide their own technology.
  • Certified instructors will be assigned to each individual course for communication and grading.
  • A minimum of 10 students need to be enrolled in order for each course to run.

Technology Requirements

  • A functioning computer must be available at home for daily coursework.  Tablets may not display contents or play videos consistently, and a computer is highly recommended over mobile devices.
  • A reliable internet connection is required.
  • Technology Specifications for Blackboard can be found on the JIA website.

What to Expect

A strong working relationship between the student, their parent/guardian, and the course instructor is essential for success.

Student Expectations

  • Reviews course information and completes orientation prior to beginning coursework
  • Uses course calendar (pacing guide) to meet deadlines in the course
  • Commits two or more hours daily to each course
  • Structures a routine and follows it each week
  • Contacts the instructor for assistance with content related questions
  • Cites sources in coursework and avoids plagiarism
  • Responds to instructor's emails in a timely manner

Parent/Guardian Expectations

  • Assists child with establishing a routine and ensures that he/she adheres to a schedule
  • Provides a quiet environment at home to work
  • Encourages student to seek help when needed
  • Corresponds with course instructor when needed
  • Reviews course data and grade center to monitor student progress
  • Provides extra support for the initial portion of the course while the child is learning to navigate the online environment

Qualities of a Successful Learning

  • Has an established track record of academic success
  • Is proficient with word-processing programs, email, and online browsers
  • Clearly and effectively communicates thoughts through written text
  • Reads and comprehends written text well
  • Follows directions, with minimal assistance
  • Is self-motivated and responsible, seeking help from instructors when needed
  • Displays perseverance and problem solving skills
For more information regarding the summer credit enhancement term, please contact the guidance counselor at the school you are attending.