"Driving Our Future!"

Our Mission

Together as a team, we at Jenison Transportation Services take pride in the services we provide.  Safety, care, professionalism and cost-effectiveness are our priorities.

Accomplishing Our Mission

The Jenison Public Schools Transportation Department provides a safe, professional and efficient means to transport students attending school in our district. With a fleet of 33 buses our highly qualified drivers transport approximately 2,400 students each day over 16 square miles.  In addition, our mechanic works hard to keep the bus fleet in excellent working condition. We consistently receive the highest marks for safety and reliability from the Michigan State Police bus inspection team.

Transportation Policy

Transportation is available for students who live outside of the walk area (1.2 miles) for the school they will be attending. If a student is bused, in addition to the one stop they have the option of one extra bus stop at a caregiver location. Daycare provider information will be reviewed, and, if possible, the district will try to arrange transportation, please refer to the Caregiver Transportation Guidelines. Additionallly, we cannot guarantee transportation of students whose caregivers are located outside of the home enrollment area

Transportation of Prekindergarten Students

Full-day prekindergarten students will be bused both to and from school if they qualify. Students ride a bus specifically designated for children enrolled in prekindergarten.

Transportation of Kingergarten Students

Full-day kindergarten students will be bused both to and from school if they qualify.

Request to Change Transportation

Use the link provide to submit a transportation change request. *NOTE: submitted requests can take up to 3 days to process.
Google DocStudent Transportation Request Online Form

Other Transportation Forms

PDF DocumentGuidelines for Caregiver Transportation
PDF DocumentWinter Bus Safety
PDF DocumentBus Safety
PDF DocumentSafe Walking Tips
PDF DocumentWhat Every Motorist Must Know
PDF DocumentBus Safety Activities for Student

Bus Routes

Download the 2016-2017 Junior and Senior High Bus Routes.

**NEW** - Parent Bus Tracking System

JPS parents can now find out exactly where their child's school bus is on the route and estimated time of arrival to their stop.   In order to do this, each parent must follow these steps;

  1. Register - Click on this link to Register
  2. Log In - After you have completed the registration process you can login and track your child's bus!

EDULOGClick the Icon to track your child's bus