Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting

Transparency Reporting

PDF DocumentFiscal Year 2017/18 Board Approved Budget
PDF DocumentFiscal Year 2018/19 Revenue & Expenditure Projection
PDF Document2016/17 Personnel Expenditures
PDF Document2016/17 Current Operating Expenditures
PDF DocumentMedical Benefits Plan Bids
PDF DocumentProcurement Policy
PDF DocumentExpense Reimbursement Policy
PDF DocumentStatement of Reimbursed Expenses
PDF Document2016 Employee Compensation Information
PDF Document2016/17 District Paid Association Dues
PDF DocumentDistrict Credit Card Information
PDF DocumentDistrict Paid Out-Of-State Travel Information
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Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans  MESSA ABC,  MESSA Choices & WMHIP BCBS
District Paid Lobbying Costs - The district did not pay for any lobbying services for the fiscal year ended June 2017.
Approved Deficit Elimination Plan - the district has not incurred a deficit.

Educator Evaluation

PDF DocumentState of Michigan laws pertinent to Educator Evaluation
PDF DocumentJenison Public Schools Board of Education Policy on Professional Staff Evaluation
PDF DocumentJenison Public Schools Educator Evaluation Training Plan
PDF DocumentJenison Public Schools Educator Evaluation Policies and Procedures
PDF DocumentMichigan FTEM Updated Evaluation Requirements
PDF DocumentMarzano Teacher Evaluation Model Research
PDF DocumentMarzano Non-Classroom Instructional Personnel Evaluation Research
PDF DocumentMarzano School Leader Evaluation Research
PDF DocumentMarzano District Leader Evaluation Research
PDF DocumentMarzano Training for Transparency

2015-2018 Bargaining Agreements

PDF DocumentJenison Education Association
PDF DocumentSecretarial, Paraprofessional Association
PDF DocumentCustodial, Transportation Association

Audited Financial Statements

PDF Document2017 Annual Financial Report
PDF Document2016 Annual Financial Report
PDF Document2015 Annual Financial Report
PDF Document2014 Annual Financial Report
PDF Document2013 Annual Financial Report