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Internet Tools

Web for Teachers



Web for Teachers contains a number of useful tools provided free by HPR TEC. Several highlights below.

Rubistar is a rubric creation tool with a variety of project templates.

PBL Checklists creates checklists for student projects in English or Spanish.

Quizstar creates online quizzes (multiple choice, T/F, short answer). Requires registration (free)

Discovery School

Discovery School has several useful resources. Several highlights below.
Categorized list of sites for teaching and learning.
Lots of links to homework help sites.
Create a large variety of puzzles to print out.

General Educator Stuff

Michigan electronic Library - "Best of the Internet" Selected by Librarians
"Everything for Education K12" - another good general site.
Scholastic's teacher tools - quizzes, lesson plans, web pages and more.
Exhibits and ideas for lessons and use of iLife tools.
Good educator resources and ideas from Meg Ormiston.
Good educator tips, handouts, and ideas from Marilyn Western.
Collection of instructional material to download and print. Requires registration (free)
Create free educational worksheets, flashcards, games etc. to print.
Another example of a general teacher site - includes chat rooms, lesson plans, "printables"
Very interesting site - especially for K-8 with lots of activities and printouts. Honor system.
Reference General reference center with incredible variety - many teacher applications.
Wikipedia is a free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
Has some interesting history and art stuff.
a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations.
Kid oriented general reference center with games and quizzes & homework help.
Fun Lots of fun games - can also create quizzes, etc. Requires registration to create ($)
Games and activites from Waterford Press - mostly science.
Short movies & quizzes on health, science, technology, etc. Membership ($)
Language Arts    
Lots of ideas and resources for English/ Language Arts/Journalism and Media.
Index to Author and Illustrator sites.
Lesson plans, resources and student materials.
Web site links for Reader's Theatre resources.


Math homework help for popular high school math textbooks.
Elementary and middle school math word problems. Membership ($)
Interactive Math & Science modeling tools. Look at project interactivate.
Lesson Plans, games and calculators for students, parents & consumers
Homework help, games and tools.

Social Studies

Teachers' Stuff from the Michigan Historical Museum
National geographic's teacher resources area.
Lots of pdf outline maps to print - from Houghton Mifflin.
Maps, clip art of maps and flags, and map tests as well as other geography stuff.
Full color physical & political maps - Registration required ($)
The first of many map sites for trip planning etc.
Descriptions and links for NASA's education programs.
From NASA - online activities
Great science and math resources for teachers - including visuals and homework help.
Science learning web site with lots of pictures & other free stuff - Registration required (free).
Great set of links to sites with resources and materials in secondary math & science.
Web based calendar tool - Requires registration (free)
Free online web calendar hosting - Requires registration (free)
Publish your event calendar on the web - Requires registration (free)
Teachers create calendars for classes - from 4teachers - requires registration (free)
Temporary Temporary site for Teacher workshops.
Temporary site for MAME 31 workshops.